Buy Back Policy
1. 80% - 100% money back is given on the purchase price of the Diploma Engineering & Engineering textbooks.
2. You will get your money back if at the time of returning book, your book is in good condition. ( Provided the syllabus / edition remains the same next academic year )
3. Books which are torned, damaged, pages missing, with any mark or spot or any other discrepancies found will not be taken back.
4. Books will be bought back by us after 1 year of the purchase date. If the syllabus / edition changes then books will not be taken back.
5. Textbooks for odd semesters are taken back in June month and textbooks of even semester are taken back in January month.
6. We do not have option of Cash On Delivery ( COD ). Also we do not arrange for any Pick up of Book.
You need to get your books at our centre so we buy back from you.